Glenn Garrison with 40 years total experience in all aspects of architecture provides services for growth and development in firms using Executive Project Management and Management Planning Programs. Glenn Garrison Incorporated in 20 years of work has helped architects and designers reach the next level of achievement in their practice.  

Executive Project Management 
Glenn Garrison serving as Managing Principal, provides small and mid-sized design firms with resources not available in-house, allowing them to achieve a level of practice not otherwise possible. GGI works in the clients’ offices alongside the principals and staff to improve operations. Executive Project Management Services include:

Leadership and Strategic Planning
Administration Organization
Financial Management Systems Reports
Proposal and Contract Preparation
Project Management Planning and Reviews
Marketing and PR Management

Management Planning Programs 
Glenn Garrison leads a training and development program in Office Practice for Leadership, Administration, Financial Systems, Project Management, and Marketing that provides an understanding of firm operations. He further leads Project Management Process Planning, a key participatory program that covers the planning and producing of a successful job. AIA standard phases in the work from Pre-design through Construction Administration are followed. GGI emphasizes design as the connecting thread in the linear process.

Glenn Garrison is an AIA/CES Provider providing programs and workshops for firm and staff training to meet AIA/CES continuing education requirements.


“Do something, do something to that, then do something to that.”          - Jasper Johns

Images by GGI